Scientists have recently identified critical metabolic and lifestyle factors that contribute to the growing obesity epidemic. Two top culprits of the U.S. obesity epidemic are glucose intolerance and sleep deprivation. The American diet and fast-paced stressful lifestyle have sabotaged our bodies. Odds are that you, too, are under attack by hidden high fructose corn syrup and other refined carbohydrates in your diet, in addition to a lack of restful sleep. If you're not sleeping a solid 7-8 hours per night you may also be a victim of the pound-packing nighttime terrors that promote body fat gain. New studies demonstrate that a lack of adequate sleep slows the metabolism and increases the storage of body fat. Even minor sleep deprivation also increases hunger and food consumption, while boosting cortisol production (a hormone that causes fat gain).1 It's a fact - glucose intolerance and sleep deprivation account for a large portion of our country's weight problem. Now, through the development of the revolutionary breakthrough formula cliniCAL, safe and effective weight loss is possible.

cliniCAL's scientifically advanced AM/PM formulation promotes amazing slimming and beautifying effects with clinically tested results. cliniCAL's 24-hour dual action AM/PM design addresses key weight management factors throughout the day and during the night while you are asleep.


A primary mode of action of cliniCAL's multi-functional AM formula is to inhibit glucose absorption in the intestines and reduce glucose release from the liver. This mode of action also increases fat release from adipose tissue. Utilizing a novel new clinically tested ingredient, this mechanism of action reduces the effects of dietary carbohydrates and sugar and reduces glucose absorption. It also increases the release of fat stores from adipose tissue, reducing unsightly fat deposits both safely and effectively to tone your body and make you look your best.

cliniCAL's AM Formula contains the clinically tested form of green coffee extract Svetol. This extract contains high levels and a specific ratio of health-producing chlorogenic acids, which have been clinically shown to provide weight loss and the health benefits. This clinically studied ingredient reduces the absorption of dietary glucose in the intestines and also reduces the release of glucose from the liver into the bloodstream by inhibiting the action of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase. By reducing glucose absorption and release from the liver, Svetol reduces the production of body fat and increases the breakdown of fat stores. Research shows that Svetol's effectiveness is due to its high bioavailability, meaning it's taken up and utilized more readily than any other green coffee bean extract.

The AM Formula also contains naturally derived caffeine for a greater metabolism boost, as well as serving as a natural source of energy. In addition, chromium picolinate is included to help stabilize blood sugar. This serves a major role in the reduction of binge eating and the improved maintenance of a healthy body weight. cliniCAL's AM Formula provides a sustained natural energy boost to help you get through your active busy day and still have energy to exercise.


cliniCAL's PM Formula helps offset the pound-packing effects of sleep deprivation. The scientifically advanced PM Formula is an all natural approach to encouraging improved sleep for better hormone regulation, enhanced metabolism and improved restoration.

cliniCAL's PM Formula addresses the importance of sleep for optimal weight loss. Ground-breaking scientific studies have proven that sleep deprivation is a common cause of weight gain. This unwanted weight increase occurs because lack of quality sleep slows the metabolism and increases production of cortisol, a well-known trigger for dreaded fat gain. cliniCAL's nighttime sleep and restoration complex is designed to ensure a good night's sleep for optimal hormonal regulation, improved metabolic functions and total body rejuvenation.

Another silent culprit of weight gain and bloating, especially for women, is excess water retention. cliniCAL's PM formula contains a complex of select ingredients to help reduce water weight, water retention and bloating to provide an instant slimming effect. Wake up feeling thin and refreshed and enjoy your day with great energy and successful weight loss with cliniCAL.

cliniCAL is a safe and effective clinical weight loss solution for a slim and beautiful YOU!