The active ingredients in cliniCAL have been documented in scientific research studies to decrease body weight and speed body fat reduction, which adds up to a safe and highly effective weight loss solution for you. By enhancing the fat-burning action of cliniCAL, users can expect to see results in both a reduction in their weight on the scale, and also a positive change in the all-important lean mass to fat mass ratio – which means your body is getting leaner and more beautiful!


Svetol is a decaffeinated green coffee bean extract (Coffea canephora robusta Pierre) that is an active ingredient in cliniCAL’s AM Formula. Svetol was demonstrated to have a slimming action in a study carried out on 50 people.

The combination of a high-calorie diet, lack of physical exercise and a slow metabolism causes weight gain. In this case, your body fails to burn off calories to regulate your weight.

A recent clinical study (published in a scientific French review, Phytothérapie) carried out on 50 people aged between 19 and 75 years, demonstrated a clinically proven slimming action thanks to Svetol’s fat-burning effect. Over the course of 60 days, two groups of volunteers, all with a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 25, were observed. The first group was given 400 mgs. of the specific extract daily, whereas the second group received a placebo. After 60 days of supplementation, participants who received Svetol lost 5.7% of their initial weight, corresponding to an average weight loss of 11 lbs. (see chart below).


Fat is responsible for unsightly bulges that women despise. Fat also has the unfortunate tendency to accumulate on certain parts of your body – changing your form and causing you to lose your toned appearance.

cliniCAL’s active ingredient Svetol acts as a safe and effective fat burner. Its actions allow your body to stock fewer calories and harmoniously redefines the contours of your shapely form. Via the inhibition of specific enzymes, cliniCAL shuts down the glucose pathway, causing your body to burn fat (lipids) – and use this fat as energy! Best of all cliniCAL is capable of noticeably reducing the level of sugar present in the blood after a meal.

The results of the clinical study equally show that cliniCAL’s ingredients significantly increase the lean mass to fat mass ratio* (see chart below). This increase of lean mass to fat mass ratio means that your body is burning fat, bringing firmness and beauty to your body. cliniCAL's beauty effect helps you to rediscover your shapely figure.

*Reduction in the lean mass to fat mass ratio obtained at the end of 60-day supplementation, as compared to a placebo.

Bio-availability of cliniCAL Is SUPERIOR!

One of the key actives in cliniCAL is Svetol, a specific green coffee bean extract. The active compounds in green coffee beans that cause its slimming effects are chlorogenic acids. In order for these chlorogenic acids to be effective, they must be well absorbed.

Svetol has been proven in scientific research to be highly bioavailable in humans. The selection of the Robusta variety of Coffea canephora robusta Pierre – as well as the use of specific green coffee beans in the extraction process – guarantees a unique composition in the active compounds (chlorogenic acids). The extraction process utilized to pull out chlorogenic acids from the green coffee beans ensures a well-balanced chlorogenic acid profile and assures maximum bioavailability and efficacy.

Bioavailability is a critically important element in the use of any nutritional supplement, herb or other compound, as the more bioavailable that compound is the stronger its desired actions in the body. The unique and well-balanced profile of the chlorogenic acids within Svetol ensures the efficacy of its primary actions (reduction in glucose absorption, loss of body fat and increase in energy levels).

The unique profile in chlorogenic acids and specific ratio of these acids is what causes the research-proven fat reduction and slimming activity of Svetol (Coffea canephora robusta Pierre extract) and causes it to be highly bioavailable. Research carried out in association with the INRA (French National Agricultural Oranisation) of Clermont-Ferrand showed that Svetol’s chlorogenic acids – including 3-, 4- and 5-caffeolyquinic acids and dicaffeoylquinic acids – are particularly well absorbed from the intestine. This indicates that they are highly bioavailable and extremely potent.

In addition, the removal of caffeine from Coffea canephora robusta Pierre – combined with the absence of cafestol and kahweol – avoid the risk of side effects often associated with the consumption of these molecules.