Obesity has become a major epidemic in America today. Scientists point to two major contributing factors in this obesity epidemic: Glucose intolerance and pervasive sleep deprivation.


cliniCAL addresses both of these prevalent weight gain factors with key research-backed key nutriceutical ingredients of the highest quality and bioavailability for clinically proven weight loss.

With more Americans than ever fighting the “battle of the bulge,” new cliniCAL from Sera-Pharma Labs addresses the two major contributors to weight gain in a highly advanced AM/PM design. Research shows that a large majority of people gain weight due to hidden sugars and excessive glucose in their diets. In addition, clinical research shows that many Americans suffer from poor sleep. New studies demonstrate that a lack of adequate sleep slows the metabolism and increases the storage of body fat. Even minor sleep deprivation also increases hunger and food consumption while boosting cortisol production (a hormone that causes fat gain).

Fortunately, cliniCAL addresses both the undesirable effects of excess sugar and the need for restful sleep through its AM/PM formulation.

  • Promotes healthy weight loss
  • Helps sustain energy levels
  • Naturally reduces the absorption of glucose
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar
  • Helps improve weight loss, metabolism and hormone regulation
  • Aids in reducing water weight and bloating
  • Promotes restful sleep, leading to feeling more rejuvenated and restored

cliniCAL is the first clinically tested slimming and beautifying solution for YOU! This all-natural formula helps reduce carbohydrate and sugar absorption, thereby increasing fat release from fat stores in your body. By day, the cliniCAL AM Formula tones your body and increases energy levels, while reducing fat levels. At night, cliniCAL’s PM Formula induces decreases bloating and water retention while inducing a state of deep sleep, which reduces your body’s fatty deposits and unsightly weight gain.

Never before has one 24-hour formula been able to supply all the amazing, clinically supported slimming and beautifying effects found in cliniCAL.